Breeze provides two kinds of workflows for identifying outdated Confluence pages.

Space workflows

Space workflows are fundamental to the content lifecycle management of Breeze. A space workflow consists of a name and two rules containing:

  • conditions for either marking pages as REVIEW REQUIRED or ARCHIVABLE, and
  • notification settings defining which persons to notify once a condition is fulfilled.

As the name suggests, space workflows are assigned to spaces so that all pages of a particular space underly the same review and archiving rules.

In the example below, the Default workflow is set so that the REVIEW REQUIRED badge will be automatically assigned to pages that are 90 days without an update or 60 days without any view.

In the reports, Breeze will notify the page creator, the last contributor, and two individual persons (Annika and Molly) to review the corresponding pages.

Likewise, the example also shows that the ARCHIVABLE badge will be automatically assigned to pages that haven’t been viewed for 120 days. In this case, the page owner will be notified as well as Martin, who might be in charge of archiving obsolete pages.

Example workflow
Example workflow

Once a workflow is assigned to spaces via the overview, the associated spaces also show at the top when editing a workflow in the editor, as shown below.

☝️Please notice: Editing workflows requires the user to have admin rights for all spaces the workflow is assigned to.

Workflow assigned to 'Test space' and 'Internal dashboard
Workflow assigned to 'Test space' and 'Internal dashboard'

Page workflows

Spaces may contain a great variety of documents, which may differ in terms of maintenance and update frequency. Hence, it sometimes needs more than treating all pages equally regarding their review and archiving rules.

Therefore, Breeze also offers page workflows to satisfy the demand for a more flexible way of managing the content lifecycle.

A page workflow allows to define individual review and archiving rules. These are only applied to a specific page tree and override the review and archiving rules of the associated space workflow.

Page workflows can be added via the … buttons in the overview at the right of a page row.

Page workflow example
A page workflow overriding the review and archiving rules of the space workflow

☝️ Please notice: Page workflows only override the conditions of the space workflow for labeling outdated pages as REVIEW REQUIRED or ARCHIVABLE. They do not override notifications, i.e., they use the same settings as the associated space workflow.

Assigned page workflows show in the overview as colored dots visualizing the overridden rules. Details show up when hovering over these indicators.

Page workflow details
Workflow details are shown when hovering over the page workflow indicators in the overview