You need to be a Confluence administrator to install apps!

You can install Breeze directly from your Confluence site.

In the upper navigation bar, click the Apps dropdown and select Find new apps. In the appearing Atlassian Marketplace, search for Breeze. The app will appear on the list.

Select it and start your free trial!

Open Breeze

Open any space. Look for the Apps section at the bottom of the left sidebar.

Click Breeze to open the app.


To open the settings, open Breeze and click the gear icon in the app’s menu bar.

Alternatively, you can open the Confluence administration by clicking the gear icon in the Confluence top menu bar. Look for the Apps section at the bottom of the left sidebar, then click Breeze to open the settings.

Breeze settings

The settings determine the interval and weekday of the automatic execution of review and archiving workflows. By default, Breeze is configured to execute review and archiving workflows every four weeks on Sunday.

Access to these settings is only provided to site admins because these settings determine the interval for the automatic workflow execution for all spaces on a global level. By default, site administration usually requires users to be part of the groups “confluence-admins” or “site-admins” in the global permissions settings.