The approval process

An approval process is about formally approving the content of a page and ensuring that the page meets certain quality criteria before making it available to others.

The approval process of Breeze works on published Confluence pages because unpublished pages are invisible to other users and third-party apps.

Breeze provides two content statuses for the approval process.

The DRAFT status represents that a page is yet not approved. It can be automatically set for newly created pages given the associated space workflow was set up accordingly.

The Drafts component shows a list of all pages with the DRAFT status for a selected space.

The IN APPROVAL status represents that a person has requested approval for the page. This also includes the fact that approvers were notified to either approve or reject the page.

The Approval component shows all pages with the IN APPROVAL status for a selected space.

Requesting approval

To request approval for a page, click the content status at the top of the page.

Clicking the content status to start an approval request

In the content status dialog, click Request approval.

Opened content status dialog

This will open the following dialog, in which you must specify the approval type, select approvers, and choose an optional due date for the page approval.

For the approval type, you can choose from the following options:

  • Everyone must approve - a page is only approved by a unanimous decision
  • First response decides - the first vote of whichever approver decides
  • Majority must approve - a page is approved or rejected by a majority vote
Specifying details of the approval process

Clicking Request approval will set the status to IN APPROVAL and add a page comment, which is used to inform about the progress and the approvers’ decisions when approving or rejecting the page.

After the request, a page comment is added to show the approval progress

Breeze uses @mentions in the approval comments, e.g. @Molly Clark , which will trigger the Confluence notification system to notify the approvers.

Approving or rejecting a page

After checking the content of a page, click the content status at the top of the page.

Clicking the In Approval content status to start an approval

In the status dialog, you can either click Approve or Reject.

The approval dialog to approve or reject the page

You can then provide a comment. Depending on your choice this is either optional (in case of approval) or obligatory (in case of rejection of a page).

Optional approval comment
Optional approval comment
Obligatory rejection comment
Obligatory rejection comment

After clicking Approve page (in case of approving) or Reject page (in case of rejecting), your decision shows in the page comments as a reply to the original request.

A page comment was added to show that the page is approved
The page has been approved
A page comment was added to show that the page is rejected
The approval request has been rejected

Depending on the approval type specified when requesting approval, the page may stay in the original status (e.g., if not all approvers have made their decision yet) or automatically switch to the UP TO DATE status if it is approved or to the DRAFT status if the approval is rejected.