The Review component shows a table of all outdated Confluence pages of a given space, i.e. pages labeled as REVIEW REQUIRED. For each page, it shows:

Title - the title of the page
Marked by - the Breeze icon or user, depending on who marked the page as REVIEW REQUIRED
Review duration - the amount of time since the page was labeled as REVIEW REQUIRED Contributors - the contributors of the page, i.e., persons who once edited the content Notified users - the persons notified and responsible for reviewing the page

The review component of Breeze
Review component

When clicking on an avatar of a notified person, the table is filtered and shows all pages to review by the person selected.

The review component with outdated Confluence pages to review by a specific person
All pages to review, filtered by a specific person

By default, the table is ordered in descending order by the review duration. It can also be ordered by page names when clicking the Title column header.