The Overview is like the command center of Breeze and represents the place where everything comes together. For a selected space, it provides

  • the assignment of a space owner,
  • the assignment of a space workflow,
  • a table with details of all pages contained,
  • a link to the latest analysis report, and
  • a manual content analysis execution.
The Overview component of Breeze

The table shows all pages of the selected space with the following information:

Page title - the title of the page
Status - the content status of the page
Last updated - the date when the content of the page was last updated
Last viewed - the date when the page was last viewed by internal or external users
Contributors - the contributors of the page, i.e., persons who once edited the content

Initially, last viewed is set to Breezeā€™s installation date. That is because the app uses its own tracking mechanism to determine page views and, therefore, has no access to historical data before the actual date of installation.

In addition to assigning a space workflow, the overview also provides the assignment of page workflows to specific page trees of a selected Confluence space.

Moreover, it provides data export of the selected space or all spaces with an assigned workflow.