Thank you for using Breeze!

In the following, we would like to briefly introduce you to how the app works.

What is Breeze?

Breeze is a content management solution for Confluence Cloud that identifies outdated pages and establishes review and archiving workflows to keep your documents up to date.

Especially in medium and bigger companies, Confluence can suffer from ever-growing, uncontrolled information. That is because with a growing number of contributors, keeping control of relevant content quickly becomes an impossible task.

As a result, many companies struggle with low content quality and many outdated pages within Confluence, which can lead to high costs because of increasing uncertainty.

So, wouldn’t it be nice if a cluttered Confluence could be cleaned automatically and easily maintained to keep your pages relevant at all times? Well, this is why we built Breeze. It drastically enhances your content management process, so you can focus on real work instead of wasting time.

How it works

Breeze implements proven strategies of content lifecycle management (CLM) and automates the identification of outdated content. For this, it analyzes your whole Confluence system in periodic intervals, and based on custom workflows for each space, it determines whether pages are up-to-date, in need of a review, or ready to be archived.

Through reports and notifications, Breeze also ensures that content owners regularly reflect on content relevance. For this, they can base their decisions on data gathered through built-in analytics and provide comments to space admins, who can then clean outdated pages through bulk archiving or deletion.

The content lifecycle management process of Breeze
The content lifecycle management process of Breeze
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