Data export

Breeze provides CSV data export via the overview component. You can decide to either export data of the selected space, or of all spaces with an assigned workflow.

☝️Please notice: Depending on your selection and the number of pages within your spaces, the export may take several minutes. Once started, it is important to keep the browser tab open until Breeze has finished the export and downloaded the CSV file to your computer.

Breeze data export

Data format

The data export generates a CSV file containing all pages of the selected spaces and includes the following columns:

  • Space key
  • Space name
  • Page ID
  • Page title
  • Content relevance
  • Last viewed
  • Last updated
  • Page creator
  • Last contributor
  • All contributors
  • Page owner

Use cases

Since CSV is a standard and lightweight data format, you can easily further process the export in your data studios or spreadsheet applications. Typical example use cases of our customers include:

  • Providing a content quality report about all spaces
  • Identifying all pages without a page owner
  • Identifying all pages with unlicensed page owners

Learn more about these use cases in our blog post.