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Please take a look at the following troubleshooting tips or raise a support request.

Report could not be created

In certain cases, Breeze can perform the content analysis, e.g. it will label pages as UP TO DATE, REVIEW REQUIRED or ARCHIVABLE depending on the associated workflow, but the report creation may fail.

This can be because of changes in the default app permissions or due to page restrictions, which will be explained in the following.

1. Make sure Breeze has appropriate space permissions:

Breeze will be given the following space permissions. Modifications to these permissions can result in failing reports, e.g. if Breeze is no longer allowed to “Add Pages”. For trouble-free operation, please leave these permissions untouched.

Space permissions

2. Make sure Breeze can access the overview page

If a space has an overview page (aka home page), then it is the top-level page and all other pages are sub-pages of this overview page. As a result, due to a page restriction on the overview, Breeze may neither read any page of the space nor be able to add an analysis report to it.

In contrast to normal pages, the overview does not show the lock symbol to access the page restriction dialog. Instead, you have to click the … button and then Restrictions to check for possible page restrictions.

Page restriction on the overview page

3. Make sure Breeze has no page restrictions for the “Breeze reports”

Breeze will generate analysis reports within the “Breeze reports” page tree. By default, this page tree has no page restrictions, i.e. it shows an open lock on the “Breeze reports” page.

Page restrictions on Breeze reports

Clicking the lock symbol opens the page restrictions dialog. If there are no restrictions, anyone can view and edit the page (including the Breeze app).

Page restrictions dialog

However, if you decide to restrict the reading or editing of the reports to certain users, please make sure to also add Breeze to the user list and give it editing permissions. Otherwise, the creation of reports will fail constantly.

Add Breeze to the page restrictions