For a given space, the Archiving component is where you see all pages ready to be archived at a glance. For each page, it shows:

Title - the title of the page
Marked by - the Breeze icon or user, depending on who marked the page as ARCHIVABLE
Comment - the optional comment provided by the reviewer during the review process
Notified users - the notified persons who are responsible for archiving the page

The archiving component of Breeze
Archiving component

After pages have been selected, pages can be archived or deleted by clicking the Archive or deleteā€¦ button, which opens the following dialog:

Archiving of outdated Confluence pages
Archiving dialog

Only users with appropriate space permissions can archive and delete pages.

When archiving pages, Breeze will move pages to the Confluence archive, which is accessible in the Confluence space settings.

Archiving is not available on the free Confluence plan.

When deleting pages, Breeze will move all pages to the Confluence trash, where they can be restored via the space settings until they are purged.

Confluence inherits page restrictions from a page to its children. When a parent page is removed, its page restriction is also removed from the children, which also move one step up in the page hierarchy. This way, pages may become visible to others and the page hierarchy can get mixed up.

Therefore, Breeze prevents the cleanup of parent pages to ensure the page hierarchy remains intact and appropriate permissions are maintained. If you want to archive or delete parent pages with Breeze, clean up the child pages first.