For a given space, the Archiving component is where you see all pages ready to be archived at a glance.

As shown in the image below, each page also shows the reviewer’s comment, which has been given within the review process. These comments should help admins in understanding why pages are no longer needed before they proceed with the actual cleanup.

☝️ Please notice: Breeze will provide no comment and no user avatar for any page that has been automatically marked as ARCHIVABLE as a result of a corresponding custom workflow.

Next to the comment, the table shows all notified people for a given page. These are the same people as specified in the triggering custom workflow, which should further help admins to easily identify contact persons in case of questions or uncertainties.

The archiving component of Breeze
Archiving component

After pages have been selected, pages can be archived or deleted (assuming the user has appropriate space permissions) by clicking the “Archive or delete…” button, which opens the following dialog:

Archiving of outdated Confluence pages
Archiving dialog

When archiving pages, Breeze will move pages to the Confluence archive, which is accessible at the very bottom of the Confluence Sidebar.

☝️ Please notice: the archiving option is not available on the free Confluence plan.

When deleting pages, Breeze will move all pages to the Confluence trash, where they can be restored via the space settings until they are purged.