Cost savings

Breeze is a huge timesaver and hence can lead to large cost savings for your company.

That is, because a cluttered and ever-growing Confluence can have a severe impact on work efficiency. Looking through outdated pages and spending time on puzzling about whether content is still relevant or not are just two factors slowing down teams when working with Confluence. Other factors are the resulting queries with colleagues and not having a defined process for content lifecycle management.

In many cases, companies are not aware of the consequences and the resulting waste of resources, so the following simple calculation should help in understanding.

If we assume that a cluttered Confluence is causing a user to spend 10 additional minutes per month, and further assume an average hourly wage of 30$, we end up with the following table of wasted time and money for various user amounts.

Wasted time and money because of outdated Confluence pages

That’s quite impressive, isn’t it? Especially if we keep in mind that these costs are repeatedly wasted each and every month! And that is exactly why we built Breeze, because companies need to stop wasting resources as a result of a cluttered Confluence.

So, let’s have a look at the return on invest if you decide for Breeze.

The following table illustrates the money wasted from above, the costs of Breeze for corresponding user amounts and the overall savings - all per year.

Return on invest and cost savings of Breeze

A no brainer? We think so, too! So feel free to speak with us in person to further discuss on how your company might have large cost savings with Breeze.