Add persona to issue

You can add up to five personas to an issue via the persona custom field.

☝️ Important:
Custom fields are currently only supported in company-managed projects. In team-managed projects, you won’t be able to add personas to issues. So please use company-managed projects instead.

  1. Click on “None” (make sure you have added the persona custom field beforehand).
add persona to custom field
  1. Select the personas of your choice and click Save.
Select personas of your choice
  1. Add the persona panel to have access to the persona’s details and all of its linked issues.
Add persona details to Jira issue

To show all issues of a particular persona, click on “Show issues” on the persona panel of an issue.

Show all issues of a persona

☝️ Please notice:
You can also access all issues of a persona from the persona details page.