Security statement

When it comes to security, we don’t compromise. We strive for nothing less than maximum trust from our customers and therefore guarantee the highest level of data security and privacy.

Atlassian Cloud Fortified

All of our apps are Atlassian Cloud Fortified, i.e., they are enterprise-ready and meet the highest standards in terms of security, reliability, and customer support.

Atlassian Cloud Security

Our security is verified by Atlassian’s Cloud Security program, i.e., all of our apps are monitored for security vulnerabilities by Atlassian’s Ecoscanner platform and participate in the Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

Bug bounty program

We participate in Atlassian’s bug bounty program to ensure the security of our apps. Over 100 security researchers regularly scan our apps for vulnerabilities.

GDPR compliant

Our apps and services are compliant with EU regulation 2016/679 and all other applicable data protection laws.

Data access, storage, and residency

We don’t access or store any customer data externally and none of our employees, regardless of their role, have access to customer data. At all times, you are in full control of your data. It never leaves your Atlassian site and is therefore subject to all security measures and data residency management provided by the Atlassian cloud system.

Data backup and recovery

With all customer data being stored on the Atlassian cloud infrastructure, we utilize Atlassian’s own backup and data recovery features.

Secure by design with Atlassian Forge

Our apps are built with Atlassian’s latest development technology Forge. They run inside a second security layer that enforces tenancy isolation and data egress restriction by design, which translates into more meaningful security and privacy guarantees for our customers.

Monitoring and privacy

We want to ensure that our apps provide optimal performance and user experience. For this reason, we monitor app functionality and use anonymous analytical tracking mechanisms. For more information and a list of subcontractors, please refer to our privacy policy.

Security vulnerabilities management

We commit to the accelerated resolution timeframes of Atlassian’s security bug fix policy and to our service-level agreement.