How Contentsquare improved Confluence content quality by 148 %

17 Aug 2023
How Contentsquare improves Confluence with Breeze

ContentSquare is the leader of digital experience analytics providing businesses with an unmatched understanding of the customer experience, leading to transformative operational changes. With their user-friendly technology, Contentsquare uncovers each user’s behaviors, intentions, and emotions, allowing companies to deliver expedited and human-centric experiences while upholding privacy and accessibility. Their approach accelerates growth, enhances adaptability, and boosts customer satisfaction, ultimately driving a digital experience transformation towards a more human-centric paradigm.

In this customer story, we hear from Eugénie, the Head of Knowledge Management, how Contentsquare uses Confluence as their main knowledge base and why they chose Breeze to improve their content quality.

How long have you been at Contentsquare, and what is your current role?

I’ve been working at Contentsquare for over six years. As Head of Knowledge Management, I’m in charge of two teams. One team is focused on Confluence content usage, adoption, and creation. And the other team is focused on localization processes, especially translations.

What are your current projects?

We have a big challenge around our vision “search, find, trust.” We want Contentsquare employees to be able to “google” information using Confluence and other tools to find their needed information in one click.

One of the biggest projects we have right now is working with specific teams such as marketing, IT, HR, a little bit of customer success, and product to improve the documentation and make sure that the documentation is not only up-to-date but also easy to search.

How do you use Confluence, and what type of content is in there?

Confluence is our one and only knowledge base, and while we also use another tool for everything that revolves around project management, we use Confluence for all kinds of persistent data. So anything related to how-tos, processes, and contact points that when a project is ready needs to be disseminated in the company.

And everything we currently do is refocusing on Confluence, making sure that this database is really the best that you can find in the world, basically. The last time I checked, we had over 40K pages, with 40% belonging to the R&D department. But now, all of the teams actually work with Confluence, so our spaces are quickly getting bigger and bigger.

What business problems made you look for a solution like Breeze?

Contentsquare is a very data-driven company, and we also ask our customers to be data-driven. However, it is tough to be data-driven in knowledge management because doing it outside of software is difficult. With Confluence, we started to have a lot of adoption and search data, but we didn’t know about the quality of the content.

So, people might create a lot of content and think that it is great, but actually, if your content is outdated after three months and you never go back to it, it doesn’t make sense since it doesn’t add value.

Why did you choose Breeze?

We had other apps in sight, but none of them were as actionable as Breeze. For instance, Breeze provides bulk archiving, and this is incredibly useful because, let’s be honest, if you need to archive many pages in Confluence, you don’t want to do it one by one.

But we also chose Breeze because it is very easy to implement. The content analysis reports, for example, are simple to understand and just speak for themselves. You could basically share them with anybody and easily give people responsibilities.

So Breeze quickly allowed us to talk to teams with tangible information and data, not just telling them, “You should probably have a look at Confluence,” when in fact, people were lost in an ocean of pages. We could make them content owners so they knew exactly what to prioritize. And by doing this, we both saved teams time by getting them to only work on what really matters.

And on the other hand, we started having a lot of cool figures that show the value that the knowledge management team brings to the company. So, whenever we partnered with other teams, we saw that Breeze figures were crazy good compared to what it was before.

How do you use Breeze in your processes?

We partner with teams when we are either official partners with them, like marketing, HR, IT, or whenever someone comes to me and says, “We want to improve Confluence. How do we do it”?

The first thing I say is, “Let’s put some content update process in place”, and Breeze is actually the update process because it automatically identifies outdated pages and notifies the page owners to review their pages. Therefore, the first step for us is to define content ownership, i.e., space and page owners, which we do by default for the teams we’re really strong partners with, or help other teams to do it and take those 30 minutes to implement Breeze and define the governance of their documentation. Because we want to ensure that it’s not just an add-on that they will forget about over time but make it part of their work, saving them a lot of time.

What benefits have you seen from using Breeze?

Our structure revolves around three major KPIs: adoption, search, and quality. We get adoption and search through Confluence Premium and Google Analytics, and the quality we get purely from Breeze.

We create monthly or quarterly reports for the teams we work with, and we show the progress, like if they got better at updating their content or if they should put more muscle into the Confluence strategy. This allows us to show the progress of things and dive deep into what needs to be worked on.

Can you provide examples of improvements you have made with Breeze?

Sure! So Breeze is the major tool that we use to improve our spaces. And it provides one of the most speaking data, like “perform an action on these 46 pages”, which helps a lot. So, as an example, for our marketing team, we archived many pages, updated many pages, and improved the space quality by 148% in three months. Just by using Breeze and because people felt responsible for their content.

We had tiger teams all over the place that we coordinated in a project, and now we’re entering the iteration phase, so we can focus on other parts of the content quality that isn’t necessarily the update, but rather if the content speaks to people, i.e., quality in terms of understanding.

We are also working on this and will provide content surveys and polls, so knowledge managers can evaluate how readers perceive the content. You have already seen a sneak peek, so could this interest you?

Oh, yeah, and I think it’s amazing! I definitely want to test it when it’s ready. My whole team is already aware.

What message would you give to anyone thinking about trying Breeze? And what should they keep in mind to be as successful in using it as you are?

I talk about Breeze with anyone using Confluence. This is the go-to add-on for me because otherwise, Confluence is harder to manage. So for us, it has been a game-changer this year.

I would say that it’s still an add-on, meaning that you’ve got human beings to manage as well, so it cannot do everything. You still need to have this process and workflow put in place to guide people and make sure that Breeze is used the right way. So it’s about something other than learning how to use the app because it’s very simple and it works very well, but it’s more strategic, like establishing responsibilities and using the ownership features and mutually deciding on how to use Breeze to help you manage your content better.

And also, the feedback from my team is that it’s very worth contacting you. Because whenever someone needed help or read the newsletter, they were like, “This is awesome.” You are so reactive. And you are so eager to get customer feedback, so I can only say that Breeze is brilliant. It’s simple. And it’s what you need on Confluence because Confluence is so complex, and Breeze really muscles up the quality of it.

Thank you so much, Eugénie, for this great interview.
We couldn’t be happier with you and Contentsquare as our customer! 💙

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