Establishing Content Lifecycle Management for Confluence Cloud

19 Aug 2022

As we all know, Confluence is a great tool and represents the place where teams store their knowledge and collaborate on any new project or idea. However, as more and more content is created, it becomes increasingly more challenging to maintain.

Especially in larger companies, the number of pages can virtually explode. Due to this ever-growing uncontrolled information, Confluence gets cluttered, and teams stumble over many outdated pages and overall low content quality. Altogether, this leads to more discussions, higher workloads, and wasted time, which means a lot of wasted money at the bottom line.

So how to get rid of outdated pages in Confluence?

The answer is to establish a proper content lifecycle management strategy, which means to set up a structured process for

  • defining rules for when pages are considered to be outdated,
  • establishing mechanisms for identifying outdated pages easily,
  • and continuously performing reviews for deciding whether these pages are still needed or can be archived/deleted.

Sounds complicated? Well, the good news is, that all of this becomes incredibly simple with Breeze, our Confluence app that is available via the Atlassian Marketplace.

Breeze - content archiving made simple for Confluence Cloud

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